FXP Festival

FXP Festival is a free educational competition for secondary school and sixth form students throughout East Anglia.

We're inviting computer science, art and English teachers to encourage their students to sign up for the initiative in teams of up to five. The three categories include: Games development, game concept and storytelling.

Hosted annually by Cambridge Regional College in July, FXP Festival is linked to the computer science curriculum and, for three years, has successfully been using computer games to increase interest and uptake of STEM subjects, build young people’s digital skills and provide an insight into what careers in the technology, creative digital and related industries might offer.

This year, we are expanding the competition to include a ‘Storytelling’ category, which aims to develop students’ creative writing and illustration skills, giving them insight into potential future career paths. The ‘Storytelling’ category will challenge students to work in teams of up to five to write and illustrate an original story for publication.