Girls Out Loud

Girls Out Loud is an award winning social enterprise with a charitable foundation based in Manchester on a mission to raise the aspirations of teenage girls across the North West and beyond.

Navigating their way through the challenging teenage years does not get any easier for our girls. In fact, developments around technology, peer pressure, friendship groups, body confidence, early sexualisation, mental health and relationship intimacy place exacting demands on our girls around the time when their identity, uniqueness and aspirations should be up front and centre.
Our philosophy is all about introducing girls to real role models, building emotional resilience, confidence and self-esteem and broadening career aspirations. All our programmes do this but are targeted at different girls and differ in duration.

The Big Sister mentoring programme is our 12 month programme which targets the girls who sit in the middle of the cohort and simply cruise and are in danger of becoming invisible as they are neither seriously disruptive, nor super academically gifted. They struggle to find their place and often get lost in the noise and either hide in the corner or look for validation in all the wrong places. At Girls Out Loud we understand these girls and we believe these girls have the potential to be shining stars. They are the managers, leaders and entrepreneurs of the future and with some investment from a team of awesome role models to light the way they will learn to believe in themselves, find their voice, step up and shine.