The Tutorfair Foundation is using online classrooms to offer 50-60 minute one-to-one tutoring sessions across many subjects. We will match each student with a volunteer from our community of experienced tutors and arrange for a session to take place in a regular slot each week for a period of at least 10 weeks.

We aim to make this provision available to any student aged 11-18 who is eligible to receive the Pupil Premium Grant. At this time, we will also be open to providing support to the children of NHS staff or children who are deemed to be vulnerable and/or disadvantaged according to any widely accepted measure. If you’re not sure whether your student or students will be eligible, please do get in touch to discuss your specific case with us.

For the first 5 new schools who sign up to join the programme, we will provide tutoring in any subject for a fee of just £6 per session. We only charge for sessions that both parties are happy with, so the programme will only cost anything if it is successful.


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