Designed to enrich the lives of young people through music making, our Saturday Programme is now available online through our new Online Learning Hub at hmdt.org.uk. This includes one-to-one learning, pre-recorded group learning, live groups sessions and masterclasses across our early years, instrumental, music theatre and SEN/D programmes.

It is important to us that students keep up their musical journey. Distance learning will help them keep motivated to practise, and we offer continued support of their progress.

HMDT Music’s Saturday Programme serves over 350 students aged 6 months – 25 years on 30 Saturdays during each academic year. Started in 1995, it remains a vibrant and unique Saturday offering, providing a spectrum of individual projects involving guest visits and work with leading artists, alongside the continually expanding regular classes and programmes. A source of local community pride, the programme also attracts students from across London and beyond.


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